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Secret #1: How to be the ONE in your family to JOIN the Elite 1% 

Whether you are a beginner, novice, or professional with $0 in bank balance, you can begin to build generational wealth NOW and secure your future generations from Day One! Even if you don't come from a wealthy family, you can make sure a wealthy family comes from you!

Secret #2: Secret Strategies the Elite 1% Use to Protect and Preserve their Wealth

When you discover the history and mystery of wealth, this step is easier than you were lead to believe and when you implement it, well, it will make any world crisis irrelevant. The strategies revealed in this masterclass are simple with the wealth mind shift. You can elevate your financial position in as little as one hour and just 3 days a week.

Secret #3: How to Open Your Pathway to Generational Wealth from the Comfort of Your Home

If you're focused, coachable and READY to follow through with the proven steps I show you, you can LEVEL UP your finances right away!


  • Beginner, novice, professional. Young, old, single, parent, grandparent.
  • $0 bank balance? Doesn’t matter.
  • What matters is that you have the DRIVE, PASSION, and DESIRE to be successful.
  • If you're FOCUSED, COACHABLE and READY to follow through with the PROVEN STEPS I show you.
  • You will level up your personal finances as a powerful, next generation, heart-centered 1%-er.

Here's what you'll discover in ONE DAY...

  • The History & Mystery of Wealth Revealed
  • How to Unleash Your Superpower So You Can Live a Fulfilled Life
  • How to be the ONE in your family to provide financial security to future generations
  • The Secret Strategies Used by the 1% to Protect their Wealth
  • How to Open Your Pathway to Generational Wealth from the Comfort of Your Home
  • A Proven Tactic to Build, Preserve and Protect your Family Fortune from SCRATCH
  • How to Remove the Barriers Holding You Back

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Who's Behind this Masterclass?


From mother to legal researcher and investigative journalist, on a mission to normalize generational wealth for people who are targeted by the justice system. This training can level the playing field and provide people with equal access to justice under the law through financial empowerment.

As an international humanitarian who advocates for social change, helping to close the wealth gap is my legacy. From America to countless other countries, the wealth secrets the ultra-wealthy elite 1% don't want you to know is open to students all around the world!

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